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Hardware Distribution and Maintenance

Businesses require services and support for their Distributed Control Systems (DCS) for a variety of factors, including regular maintenance, regulatory compliance, long-term product support and technology upgrades. SGS offers a customized solution to address these needs with its flexible maintenance and support plans, software and hardware upgrades and access to onsite or remote SGS technical experts. Hardware Support services help users increase the uptime of their Distributed Control Systems (DCS), reduce spare part inventory costs, source hard-to-find parts, upgrade systems costeffectively and benefit from technical expertise at hand. It also delivers multi-year, user-specific Lifecycle Management services for hardware and software. SGS Global Technical Assistance Centers complement these services, resolving user issues through telephone support.

Typical work activities

  • Responsibilities and tasks may vary from role to role but typical work activities include:
  • Designing maintenance strategies, procedures and methods;
  • Planning and scheduling planned and unplanned work;
  • Diagnosing breakdown problems;
  • Carrying out quality inspections on jobs;
  • Liaising with client departments and customers;
  • Arranging specialist procurement of fixtures, fittings or components;
  • Controlling maintenance tools, stores and equipment;
  • Monitoring and controlling maintenance costs;
  • Dealing with emergency and unplanned problems and repairs;
  • Writing maintenance strategies to help with installation and commissioning guidelines.

Ensure cost optimization in a changing environment with customized Hardware Distribution structures. Enable segmentation of your organization’s multiple supply chains operating under the umbrella of a single organization and in most cases, a ‘single infrastructure’.

Realize flexibility to make your Hardware Distribution adaptable and viable in a changing environment. Leverage our planning solutions to enable supplier redundancy and access globally available sourcing options. Account for changes to product portfolio, markets and go-to-market channels with our responsive Distribution design.

Improve visibility and predictability in operations. Reduce uncertainty with advanced analytics and achieve predictability using deep analytical models. Dynamically analyze, visualize and predict the way forward to enable risk mitigated agile operations with our solutions that blend Analytics, internal and external information and simulation.

Reduce overheads by harnessing our variable cost delivery models. Increase internal efficiency and realize business value upfront with our managed service delivery.

In addition to the key capabilities that are enabled by SGS, our Supply Chain Center of Excellence (CoE) is focused on developing solutions that are specifically tailored to support the principles of segmented thinking, flexibility and timely connected execution.